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Witherite on Fluorite with Alstonite


Specimen # RCL00671

Specimen Locality: Bethel Level, Minerava Mine #1, Minerva Oil Company, Cave-in-Rock District, Southern Illinois (Ex. Ross C. Lillie Collection, Mined 1954)

Mineral Description: This is areally interesting specimen even if it is not the most aesthetic! The labels indicate that this specimen was mined “Personally, by Pough in 1954: Personal communication by Jim Minette”. Ex. F. Pough collection. Ex. Ross C. Lillie collection. Specimen consists of yellow fluorite over grown with pale purple, etched fluorite with minor alstonite (Mg,Ca carbonate). There is a nice lustrous cluster of witherite (Barium Carbonate) perched on top. Height: 7 Width: 4.5 Depth: 4 cm


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